Hong Kong Day 5 – Adios, Hong Kong!

The last day we went around the streets near our hotel in search of some local breakfast and found this dim sum restaurant.  The people here are very friendly.  We had to wait outside for a table and the lady servers kept apologising to us for making us wait.  Even the patron seated outside, an elderly gentleman, tried to make us feel better by joking with us.  The patrons here are mostly regulars who live in the area and they were very nice to us.  We chatted with the lady server who manned the food counter outside (picture below) and she told us we should’ve visited Ocean Park, which is more of a local attraction unlike Disneyland.

Inside, we sat around a round table and were given 2 pots of tea, one for washing our chopsticks and spoons with, and another for drinking.  We ordered a few baskets of dim sum, almost all of them delicious.  Ironically, this place allows us to sit, chat and enjoy our food but still we made short work of our breakfast, not wanting to waste too much time since it was our last day here.  If only we had found this place earlier on during our trip, we would’ve stayed longer to soak up the authentic dim sum experience in a local setting.


Dim Sum


Dim Sum

We then set out for a little walk at Nathan Road (I think!) and also to look for the famous Jenny Bakery, famous for its buttery cookies in round tins with a teddy bear print on the lids.  We were told to take a queue number outside the shop and go around the building to join in the queue which was ridiculously long.  We ditched the idea of queuing as we weren’t really interested in buying the cookies since Lina had already mastered the art of baking these buttery cookies which really melt in the mouth.  We just wanted to see if it is really that popular and yes, judging from the queue, it is.

Soon it was lunch and we went around searching for that elusive roast goose meat again.  On the way I bought a bottle of strangely salty herbal drink for my sore throat from an old lady manning a small herbal drink stall and we asked her for direction to the best roast goose stall.  We found one…


Roast goose rice

Lina just had to get the whole bird which the restaurant vacuum packed for her and we joked that the custom people might think she was smuggling a dead body 😛


Vacuum packed roast goose

We had time to kill before our flight after lunch, so we just walked around and ended up sitting in McDonald’s where I had to have a cup of Americano coffee.  I was so drowsy from the cough and cold medicines I took the night before that I could hardly keep my eyes open!

After that, we came upon this Japanese cheesy egg tart shop next door and Lina and Stef just had to get some for home.  With these goodies, we went back to the hotel to repack, and on our way back, Lina picked up 2 very sweet pomelos from the fruit stall near our hotel.  We had to rearrange our luggage as some of the luggage had overshot the weight limit (who brings pomelos home from overseas anyway???).


Prior to leaving the hotel for our last minute shopping, we had the hotel staff arrange for the driver of the mini van, Meeta, to pick us up in the afternoon for our trip to the airport.  One of his colleagues (I hope his name isn’t Mati LOL) turned up and took us, luggage, goose, pomelos and all, to the airport without any incident.

Thank goodness our budget air flight didn’t fail us and we managed to reach Singapore without any delay.  Home sweet home!


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