Hong Kong – Day 3 Disneyland!

Day 3 we woke up early thinking that we could have breakfast at the Australia Milk Company, a place famous for the doubled-boiled milk.  However, when we got there, it was closed so we picked one of the two tea houses opposite from there.  As with most small eateries, the tables are limited so you have to eat and go, no sitting down for small talk.

It is often quite stressful eating in these eateries in Hong Kong because you have to order fast and accurate.  I am lactose intolerant so I wanted black tea instead of milk tea, but when I told the server I want black tea without milk, she looked at me and said they don’t serve anything like that, it’s either milk tea or lemon tea.  So lemon tea it was, which turned out to be black tea with a couple of slices of lemon!  And when we wanted ham and egg sandwich, we had to say it the way it was written on the menu ‘Ham and Egg sandwich’, there’s no such thing as egg and ham sandwich!  Anyway, we were quite used to the brusque attitude of the Hong Kong people already so it didn’t matter.  We finished up and left without wasting any time for a day of fun at Disneyland.

It was a cool day with temperature around 17C to 20C.  We were early so the ticket counters weren’t open yet but queues were building.  There were people touting tickets at cheaper rates, probably due to friends or family members unable to turn up or tour agents selling excess tickets.  We didn’t dare buy from these touts as we weren’t sure of the authenticity of the tickets.  Despite the long queue, it didn’t take us long to have our tickets.  Once inside the park, cameras started clicking.

Our first mission was to get the priority queue number at the Space Mountain.  Without that, we would have to wait for more than an hour.  With that, we were given the time to come back and take the ride without having to queue.

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  • it’s a small world



  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and Fairy Tale Forest



  • Disney Paint the Night Parade

We took some rides, shopped in the merchandise shops (Ah Ya won a few hundred bucks in a lucky draw spin which allowed her to purchase more stuff at the shops.  Lucky girl!), ate Mickey Mouse waffles and turkey drumstick, ate Mickey Mouse ice-creams, watched the Lion King show, shop, had more rides, took pictures, watched the Disney Paint the Night parade, watched the Disney In The Stars fireworks…  From morning 10am till evening 10pm we were there and still we were reluctant to leave the place, all of us being big kids at heart.  And I regretted not buying Lots-O’Hugging Bear (Lotso) 😦





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