Hong Kong Day 4 – Macau

Although the LZBs had been to Macau on our previous trip, the two young ladies hadn’t so Macau was in our itinerary.  We set out for breakfast at the Australia Milk Company again and this time we were lucky.   Even though it was still early, there was already a queue forming outside the establishment.  We were shown to a table quite soon despite of that.

The place was buzzing with people and there were many servers.  It was a much bigger place than the usual eatery but it was packed.  We were lucky to have a table for all 6 of us.  As we browsed through the menu, the waiter, even though he was brusque, allowed us time to consider our options.  When he came by to take our orders, he was hard-pressed not to laugh at some of our questions and jokes.  This place has much friendlier staff than the eatery across the road or any other small eateries that we’d been to.  The chef who was attending to the steaming hot desserts beside our table even allowed Stef to take pictures of the desserts in the steamer.

After our meal of omelette, corn beef sandwiches, porridge, doubled-boiled milk, double-boiled egg, etc, we asked to be billed and a younger waiter came by and did some mental calculation of our consumption based on the number and types of plates on our tables, shushing us when we tried to tell him what we had.  I took a couple of pictures of him trying to calculate our bill and after that, he offered to help take a picture of us.

After that, we made way to the ferry terminal to get tickets for our boat ride to Macau.  The earliest timing was around noon so we had to loiter in the shopping mall of the ferry terminal till it was time to board the boat.

The ride was about an hour and when we reached Macau and passed the custom check point, we took a bus to Senado Square but we alighted a stop early so we had to walk some distance to get to our destination.  They were putting up Christmas decorations and performance stage that day for the Macao Light Festival.  Too bad we weren’t planning to stay for that.


I went up to the Ruins of St Paul’s with the girls and took them through the Museum of Sacred Arts, then on to the Na Tcha Temple and the Na Tcha Gallery which wasn’t open that day.


Since we arrived late, there wasn’t much time to do much sightseeing but Sam managed to get a handbag.  We had to scrap the idea of having high tea at the Macau Tower though.  After getting some foodstuff from a famous bakery, we walked to the main road to take a cab to the Venetian Hotel.  We came upon this building across the street (sorry, couldn’t recall the name) and it was open to public and was decorated for Christmas…


The queue at the taxi stand was quite long but it didn’t take us too long to get 2 cabs to the Venetian.  I was with Irene and Sam in one cab and the others in another.  When we reached the hotel, we waited and waited and still didn’t see the others, so it became clear that the cabby must have dropped them off at the West wing, instead of at the main entrance.

I was supposed to take Sam with me to go find the others while Irene stayed at the entrance just in case they arrived there.  However, for Sam and I to get to the West Wing, we had to cut through the casino and Sam was too young to enter the casino.  Instead we were told to go up to the 3rd level and walk through the Market Street to get down the other side.  So back to Irene we went, and all 3 of us went up to try to find our way around.  Even though I have stayed there before but the hotel is a sprawling building and the Market Place is like a maze, and with me having a lousy sense of direction, well, you know the outcome!  However, with some luck, we ran into the other half of our group just as they were going up the escalator.

Since Ah Ya had never been inside a casino before, her mom took her in and let her played on the slot machine.  She lost HK100 as a result.  Bad mommy!

We took a walk in Market Street and heard someone singing a very nice song, Parlami D’Amore Mariu.  At first I thought it was a piped-in music but then we saw this guy singing behind one of the windows…



We also saw a guy dressed up in costume (they often have such characters roaming the  hotel) and I just had to have a picture taken with him…

  • in order to have a picture taken with this guy, you have to be roughened up first!

Soon, it was time for us to leave.  We took the hotel shuttle bus to the ferry terminal but our ferry was delayed by bad weather.  We waited about an hour before boarding the ferry back to Hong Kong.

It was already quite late when we got back to Hong Kong, around 9pm.  We hadn’t had dinner so we searched for the place famous for roast goose meat.  It wasn’t easy finding that place as we didn’t have the exact address or even the shop name.  We just got to the street and started asking around.  We finally found the place, or at least we thought we did…still not sure we did but it was where we had our first taste of goose meat.  The others really liked it but I didn’t because I don’t like fatty meat and who would’ve thought that geese have so much fat?  So thankfully we also ordered roast chicken and bbq pork so I didn’t have to eat just plain rice with chili LOL


Ever the foodie, we still had one more popular food establishment to try, a dessert shop called Cong Sao Star Dessert.  It was just nearby so we just had to search for it.  There was a long queue outside the shop when we got there and we waited for about an hour before we managed to get inside the shop.  By then I was starting to feel quite poorly, my sore throat and flu before the trip was starting to make a comeback and I was feeling quite chilly sitting just below the air-con vent.  I couldn’t take any of the cold desserts that the place was famous for, so I opted for the hot red bean paste, something quite common even in Singapore.




After filling our stomachs, we made our way back to the hotel, tired and sad that the next day would be our last day in Hong Kong.  Boo hoo…





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