Genting Highlands Day 1 – Transtar Solitaire Coach

It seems like a long time since we’ve been up at Genting Highlands, Malaysia.  The last time we were up there was like more than 10 years ago, when the whole family (and I mean WHOLE, more than 20 of us) booked a coach and did a road trip, travelling up the Genting Highlands to spend 3 nights, then down to Malacca for 1 night, before heading home.  That was a really fun trip with mom and dad travelling with us, the kids all still young, mostly in their teens.  Mom was already wheelchair-bound but with a few muscle men on board plus her super-strong helper, she had no problem getting on and off the coach.  They carried up her and down the coach, with special thanks to BIL Kok who did most of the job as he had the biggest muscles LOL (well, he still has the muscles but age is catching up on all of us!)

This trip started with just hubby and I.  Hubby was retrenched early this year but he soon got a new job.  So this trip was for him to relax and enjoy his temporary freedom before starting the new job.  Then Irene and Steven heard about our plan and wanted to join in, and then Lina, too.  Eddy and XF needed a break from our bickering mom and dad so they decided to bring the kids on a holiday.  Eldest sis, Rose, and Lina’s hubby were the last ones to add to the list due to a sad turn of events at home just weeks before the trip.  We did miss Stef and Kok though because Stef had just returned from Genting while Kok had a Bkk trip planned.

Now, about the trip.  It was a 4D 3N trip via Transtar Solitaire coach, a premium coach with on-board dining and entertainment.  We could’ve spent a lot less on this trip on a regular 26-seater bus but figured why skim on comfort when we have to be cooped up in the coach for 6 hours at least?  So we splurged on comfort which was a good decision in my opinion since the 2 toddlers weren’t cooped up in their seats all the time as they had space to roam about on the upper deck of the bus, especially for the youngest, Xin, who is a bundle of energy.  Her jiejie (elder sister), En En, had the huge full-reclining, massage-chair seat all to herself to watch her Youtube video clips and be in her own little world (she has moderate spectrum autism).

As for the hotel, we booked a package with Transtar and stayed in Resorts Hotel, which has bigger rooms than the First World Hotel’s standard rooms, and the rooms come with breakfast which is much better than what First World offers.  The whole package of Transtar’s Solitaire coach and Resorts Hotel with daily breakfast cost us S$350 per pax for this 4D 3N trip in case anyone is interested (no, I do not work for Transtar).  It was S$124 for coach only for this off-peak period.

We had our pick-up at Jurong East, just opposite the bus interchange, at the bus stop in front of Maybank.  We had to assemble there by 6.30am for our 7am start.


Waiting for the coach

The night before, I had a call from Transtar to inform me of the coach number (as promised) and to remind me that the assembling time was 6.30am.  Just before the coach arrived the next day while we were waiting at a coffeeshop, I got another call to say that the coach was on its way to us.  The coach was on time and the coach attendant, an uncle in his sixties, handed me the hotel vouchers and trip insurance and we were off, just before 7am, to start a very pleasant trip!


Lunch on board the coach – served by a smartly dressed and polite male attendance who joined us after we crossed the causeway.  He came up to take our drink orders before serving us the drinks and packet lunches.


Comfy seats on the upper deck of the 18-seater Solitaire Coach – we had 2 toilet stops en route to our destination


Irene enjoying the ride on the full reclining massage chair.  There is also a small screen to provide some entertainment – movies or games (but almost all the controllers don’t work LOL).  Oh, and you need to bring your own earpiece or earphones if you want to watch movies.


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